Saw "I Dream of Wires"- Hardcore Edition

@ryan, haha, yeah, metasonix contribution was extremely unflattering. Reminds me of the joke: if a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it, does a hipster buy its album?

5U + 3U = just make some fucking music!

Oh, where’s my P1??

Should be done next week. For the price of this repair and the time they’re spending with it, it should be like a brand new one.

With that saga finally completed and with other gear sales I’ve recently made, I’m gonna have a hard time justifying NOT scratching that nagging Oberheim itch…

Oh and I bought another Juno 60 2 days ago for $900 WITH the Kenton MIDI->DCB box included, and am selling it for $1,100 today! So I basically got paid $200 to get a free Kenton box…

It’s really amazing what you can accomplish by playing the market around these parts.

Oh yeah, and you probably didn’t appreciate that guy’s UTTER DISDAIN for his former customers in the guitar world…

Scratch it

I’d “settle” for an OB-Xa instead of an OB-X- but that thing has been up for so long that I worry about the condition of the oscillators and filters/amp…

There are also 2 Xpanders up- for $2,600 and $2,900 respectivley. Prefer it to an OB-Xa anyway.

Also someone is selling a Prophet VS for $2,600 (or trading it for Euro modules! lol).

Point is, around here, all the cash I’m accumulating won’t last long.

In relation to money, we synth heads tend be more akin to streams than wells. tis our fate

Go for the VS :wink:

You got one, didn’t you? You sly dog…

Yes, i got one. And if ever a nice condition Rack VS comes along ill have 2.

There’s one for sale at Perfect Circuit audio for $3,100 right now

Thats way overpriced - even if you don’t add Vat + Tax + Shipping…

They’re located 15 minutes from me.

Free shipping to Europe too!

Yeah $2,600 is too much for the keys, too.

Someone in San Fransisco is selling one for local pickup only at $1,800- but that’s quite a drive for me.

1800$ is a fair price if its in good condition (without talking about the aftertouch though…)

I’d go with an Xpander personally. Also, save some cash, don’t you have rent? Also, it’s almost shopping season! Where there are still never any good synth deals…

Save? Cash? What’s the keyboard shortcut for that?

When you’re looking at a synth for sale online? Alt+F4

That’s the same shortcut for sleeping, eating and doing laundry!

Convenient, no?