Saw "I Dream of Wires"- Hardcore Edition

…and am now modular synth zombie brainwashed by 2 hour documentary spaced out with 1.5 hours of commercials……excuse bad grammar and slurred speech.

Muusst build moduulaar

…only old nerds living in past and non-musican hobbyist use 5u.…mussst go Euro….

Deadma5 possible exception but he make too much money and probably not know how to usssee all thatttt….

Musst buy Silent Waayyy Plug-In Suite….

Mussst buy Cylonix digital oscillator….

People push all their chips in on software sucks bandwagon 5-10 years ago and now dance around the fact they still record and arrange and master on DAW…

Whole hipster chick switchboarrrd modular story feel like it from another film and should have cut entireellyyyyy….

Film come full circle back to live modular performance. I now see entire purpose of human existence to recreate Tangerine Dream public performance in UK in early 80s……


But seriously if that whole 3 hour journey was nothing but the guy from Metasonix acting hilariously underwhelmed and oozing superiority, plus some more Vince Clarke acting ashamed of his gear addiction, I would count it as one of the greatest comedies of all time. Tack on another 20 minutes of Trent Reznor casually throwing massive synth corporations under the bus like a true gearslut and generally speaking about anything and everything like: “Your question is redundant, it should be totally fucking-obvious by now. When is this interview over. I have gear to buy!” and I’d watch it every year as a ritual.

Hehehe, but that’s exactly the way it is. I can see the light ! (And i recognize it’s a fucking freight train rushing towards me…)

Haha, I like the 5U guys and the Euro addicts taking shots at each other. The 5U systems have better ergonomics, at least if you’re a dinosaur. The Euro dudes will claim that Euro is where it’s at these days. I still love the Moog modular sound, but I ain’t got tons of space.

But yeah, that about sums it up in a fair assessment :slight_smile:

And I know I would have heard all about it already, but I kept secretly hoping Olivier would pop in for a Mutable advertisement after Intellijel and Killpatrick Audio.

Nope, Olivier is more underground. Based on the near eternal wait for some new Braids I’m happy if it stays that way until I get mine. Naah, seriously, I hope MI can scale up and will grow into a decent size profitable company that garners respect. Based on products, Mutable is amazing, but I’m preaching to the choir here :wink:

I loved how the guy who makes fancy artwork for his modules had the balls to call modules without artwork “pretentious”! Talk about tone-deaf!

I feel like it could have been a very good, original film with a message if it wasn’t just an examination of the fact “modulars are HOT right now” but instead focused more on the BLATANT subtext running throughout the film- which is that gear addiction is a helluva drug.

I think the prefab Shruthi XTs are the ticket to some real growth for MI.

I won’t watch this documentary out of fear of ditching my current unreleased modules and focus instead on something like a tonehole modeling desktop synth.

Why, because you don’t want to be associated with most of those people? I DON’T BLAME YOU!

The first hour that focuses on Moog and Buchla and the birth of commercial synthesizers and the death of analog in the late 80s is worth watching-all the guys in famous 80s electronic acts whining about being bullied by punk rockers is particularly great. That’s the only part that feels like an actual documentary.

Prefab + Shruthi = no way.

I guess I misread that thread! I thought you were selling them assembled!

You totally should- you know how many late night drunken impulse buys you would get??

Also I don’t see many ways in which growth would happen without killing most of the things that are dear to the members of this forum.

Cost of converting the Shruthi into a proper assembled product = cost of designing a much superior product from scratch.

Oh, and by the way Olivier- based on our discussion months ago about the rumors that Apple is slowly morphing the iPad into a serious production tool-

The rumor was true- the iPad Air did include a huge overhaul of the audio converters. Haven’t seen or read about anyone doing a MIDI comparison between the 3 and the Air, but the long-game rumor about the 13 inch iPad with Pro Audio features that can run the full version of Logic seems a bit more credible…

That may be true, but I think most of us would gladly sacrifice those things to see wider recognition for your products.

…do go on about this superior product…the world would be a better place with a Mutable hybrid sampler in it…just saying.

The problem with iPad Audio is not so much the ADC and DACs, its just that iOS isnt designed to be a real time operating system in the first place, so you get loads of jitter and latency.
You can mask this with more processing power… but did you anytime wonder why the 16MHz Atari has a better MIDI timing than most 3.irgendwas GigaHertz IGanzviel Intel Systems? Just because it was designet do have a good timing…

> Mutable hybrid sampler in it

Naa, no ‘faster horse’ in my plans (or ‘slower horse’)… I’m kind of glad everybody is re-issuing vanilla analog synths because it’d make me free to focus on something else :slight_smile:

Well word is the audio performance is significantly improved- along with integrated inter-app audio in iOS7, it could be inching closer to respectability for more than just VSTs.

A horse traveling at a similar velocity to previous horses would be perfectly acceptable!