Saw Bench Synthesizer

This is coming out soon

Saw Bench Synth

I emailed them and I got more details.

It will come with an metal enclosure and assembled so it is ready to use sometime in March
They are considering to make DIY kit if there is enough demand.

Ooh, that looks quite interesting. Did they tell you if it’ll be able to to be modded for modular use at all? I’d definitely fancy a kit either way, though…

I saw that a while ago, the price is definitely right for real MIDI and a metal case, but I really wish it had an external audio input. Does it include the Arduino to run it or does the end user have to supply that?

The other silly feature I would like to see is LFO over MIDI via CC like the Midi Pal.

I think that the initial sales should be used to make a synth that doesn’t require an Arduno and has a few more oscillator shapes. The omission of more oscillator shapes is understandable from the tiny footprint of this synthesizer.

Erg yikes. Sleepybrain missed the metal case part. I was looking at the plastic top panel and thinking unhappy thoughts. Looking a bit better…

They offer a diy kit on kicktarter for 80 EUR now

Saw Bench Synthesizer Kicstarter.

I wish they would offer a diy kit without an enclosure for less as designed enclosure is bit out of my taste :slight_smile:

edit : I have emailed them to ask , now they offer DIY solution without enclosure :slight_smile: