Sample Editor for my DIY Synth

Hallo shruthis :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a free sample editor for my DIY synth to generate waveforms in 8Bit and fixed byte length.

Greetings Rolf

Sgen perhaps?

maybe audacity ?

Thanks for your information. I work with audacity and found a screen info for sample length. But the lowest sample rate is 8KHz.

Oh no please not Audacity :slight_smile:
Which OS are you running?

For this kind of surgical editing, nothing beats a python shell :slight_smile:

Hi, I have written a small sample editor for the machinedrum, two years ago. It sends samples as “Midi SDS”. Maybe it is what you looking for. Its opensource.

@rumpelfilter I work with win8.1.

@951 Thanks for your great help. Your program is very interesting.

Thanks to all the people here in this nice forum.

Greetings from Germany. Rolf

now i wonder what’s so wrong with audacity @rumpelfilter?