SammichFM or PreenFM

Anyone out there played with both?

I’m close in that I have a MidiboxFM and a PreenFM. It’s a hard choice. The Preen has the edge in that it is really easy to use and being software it can be expanded or altered.

While the MidiboxFM code has some simple wavetable stuff, the Preen has the step sequencer LFO option.

Preen has a lot more choice of waves, although the way they behave on FM is different to subtractive, but it still adds more sonic potential.

Sammich is a harder build and has a much simpler and hard to use interface. But it does have an editor.

Stereo (OPL) vs mono (Preen).

You won’t be disappointed with either. But you may wish you knobs on the Sammich.

The Preen layout made sense to me from watching the demo… which is a first in an FM synth. :stuck_out_tongue:

Indeed. Personally I would say get the Preen, it is good to support new developments. It is a much simpler build too. No SMT soldering, although they are quite large pins compared to the ATMega used in the MIDIPal.

just by try…