Salvaging SSM2044 from a dead Siel DK80 to build a Shruti?

Hi all,

I have this dead DK-80 sitting around for ages. I guess some part of me hoped I could someday get it going again, but I lack the skillz. The cost of having it professionally serviced would probably exceed the value of this rather wimpy sounding Italian piece of plastic. Rather than just putting it out with the trash, taking out the SSM filter to build a Shruti sounds like a worthwile project.

Question one: are there any of the SSM filter pcb’s still floating around? Does anyone have any left for sale?
Question two: is there an easy way to check if the IC’s are still good? I certainly don’t have access to an IC testing unit, but I do have an accurate multimeter.
Question three: I can’t seem to find any demos of the SSM Shruti. Any owners who put their sounds on SC or YT? I’d like to make sure if it’s gonna be worth my trouble :slight_smile:



Hello, I own an SSM Shruthi and I can wholeheartedly say that the 4PM I also own can be very similar in tone if you keep the resonance set to “liquid”. I also prefer the sound of overdriving the 4PM compared to the SSM. This is better for using external signals. :slight_smile: Speaking of the over driven sound, if you use the drive setting on the oscillators and then run it into the filter with the “ms” flavor resonance you can do a mean Korg MS20 impression. Not to mention the several filter shapes of the 4PM compared to the two of the SSM.

Also, and this is IMPORTANT!, the SSM requires a fine temperature range to function properly. If the internal case temperature drops below 65 degrees F/18 degrees C, the resonance WILL NOT sound right or self oscillate in the worst case. Don’t try gigging it in freezing weather. Also, if the temperature gets to be above 90 degrees F or 32 degrees C the same thing can happen, but can go back to normal after warming up.

The 4PM is fine in freezing weather in my experience, I have not put it to the test in higher than 80 degree weather yet.

As far as the DK-80 is concerned, the internal battery may be dead. You can try doing a factory reset or putting it in to test mode to see if that will get it to work.

Will cost about 50 pence to change the battery. Easy job with basic soldering skills. Dk80 not that bad sounds bit like a korg poly 800. If you fix it you could prob sell on eBay for around £250 or more!

If you are going to toss it, you can try to fix it first. :slight_smile:

Depending on you location, I would be glad to take the rest of the DK-80 without the SSM off of your hands for parts.

I have an SSM Shruthi, recently built a 4PM and I agree with Audiohoarder: you can get very close to the SSM sound using a 4PM, and it’ll do a lot more besides. They’re also easier to get hold of than an unpopulated original SSM board.

Sell it, use money to buy SSM chip. S0rted.

If all else fails, i have a soldered but unpopulated SSM filter board for you.

check out herne Morley - he makes a drop in SSM2040 and theyre cheap. AMsynth has a good tutorial on their site about removing some IR3xxx from some boss pedals… So in short your probably better just getting the HM2040. Theres a good chance youll wreck the 2040s removing them unless youve got skills (which you may have - not judging)