Sale of Rapid Electronics - To Conrad


Oh, then they are dooomed…

Oh shoot! I like Rapid! If they reach Conrad level prices and refocus on consumer/hobby electronics it will suck.

i don’t know Rapid but my guess is they’ll have to throw away 80% of their product range first to adhere to Conrad’s unavailability-imperative™

And the absolutely need to get rid of all competent people !

Let’s hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. I think it could be brilliant as we have Conrad but not Rapid in Sweden, but then again if Conrad doesn’t take care of the Rapid knowledge it would be a loss.

I wish they could offer the Rapid assortment, but charge less for shipping as that can get a bit pricey to Sweden. Realistically I brace for impact…

Hmm… well, hope they keep the same range if ceramic caps. They’ve been a life-saver in the past for me, as Farnell UK doesn’t stock most of the ones I need.


Conrad have ceramic caps, at least the most common types …but styroflex?? ha-ha-ha such a thing hasn’t even existed for at least 10 years, young dreamer! (combing through his Django Reinhardt moustache)