RYK m-185

I know Intellijel has a recreation of the RYK m-185 called the Metropolis. I was wondering if Olivier had any plans to make a killer CV step sequencer inspired by the RYK m-185, but with the flare of his Grids module. :slight_smile:


Instead you should ask him if he will make a CycliC module. :wink:

Olivier, will you make a CycliC Module?


Frank, will you make an Exfilinator module?

Yes. Dan, will you make a Software Exfilinator?


What I really love about the MI Forum is the density of usefull informations.

I work quickly.

Nice, but get a room you two!

No, ours is a long distance relationship! (plus, what would our respective wives say?)

OK, back on topic (or at least, the de-railed topic) - the software is not ready yet, but getting close®, as I find the time to work on it. Hopefully available soon. Frank can comment on the hardware side of things…

Im currently using intensively my first Prototype to polish the final Feature Set including my own experiences and some ideas i brought from Happy Knobbings with me.
As soon as i have a Feature Freeze i guess Dan will be much faster releasing the Software Version than me the Hardware Version. Both will have nearly exactly the same Feature set except the Software Version will do MIDI only. For the Hardware Version i expect the next Protos for xMas.

well i’m gonna take both
the sequencers :wink:

i think you will be glad to hear we are thinking about some crossgrade deal - software discount with hardware and hardware discount with software…

Effin A! Sounds like a sweet deal.

  1. Get stuff.
  2. Get a rebate for being a crossdresser.
  3. Profit!