Run Plaits from +-15V?

I would like to put a Plaits Module into my DIY Rig, which unfortunately runs from ±15V instead of ±12V used in Eurorack.

From reading the schematics it looks to me as if this was not a Problem with Plaits, since all Voltage Regulators and Analog Opamps used seem to be OK with that.
Only issue might be the -10V Reference Voltage Generation circuit, which might need a small change of R37 from 2.2k to, say 2.8k.

Might this be OK (without warranty, of course…), or am I missing some obvious problem?

THX, Grüße

It’ll be fine. You don’t have to change R37, you’ll just pipe more current through the LM4040 but it’ll accept it nicely!

Great, THX!! (and also for sharing so much of your amazing work, I learned a lot from that! )