Run Free

… was the life principle of legendary fighter and ultra runner Micah True aka Caballo Blanco, who was found dead in the New Mexico desert earlier this year. His amazing story inspired an ambient in memoriam track I made using the Yellow Magic Shruthi-1 as well as a Phatty and Aalto.

Thats really great, I listened whilst reading about his life. Sounds like quite a spiritual guy.

On a technical question, with this sort of music, it sounds like there is quite strong rhythm but I can only hear hi hats and ethnic drums very quietly, are the bass note used as a replacement for the kick drum?

I really liked this. Run free, Caballo.

Thanks a lot for your kind comments!

@Dunk: my intention was to bring the bass sounds to a level that you actually feel physically - not sure how well that worked since I have good monitors here, but they should be 5 times the size to really be able to see. In the (very end of the) process I kicked the bass drum out, as I liked the rhythmic patters in the lows better without. These are mostly delay effects, in part by the Shruthi delay, in part by Permut8 and also by chopping the drone basslines up into short notes and blending them via ADSR.

I’d never heard of the man or his story but reading the NY Times article whilst listening to your sublime track shows what a wonderful tribute it is to ‘White Horse’ and his inspirational story.


Great track! Gonna pop it in the car…

Ok so you had a bass drum built up the song then removed it, I find that quite interesting, thanks for sharing.

Really a great track! I especially love those moments where that poweful bass erupts out of nothing, there’s a lot of dynamic in the track!

Muchas Gracias! I hope your feedback will keep me running through the winter…

Sweet. Listened while reading the article. I’m a slow reader or it’s a long article. Very inspiring. Can’t wait to listen to this on my next run. I used to think music with a steady beat and pounding bass drums were essential for running, then I started running at night and figured it was best to not listen to music - can’t see much, better at least listen more. The sound of the wind and rustling of the flora and fauna was just as, if not more, delightful to hear while on a run then the steady static mechanics of a dance floor beat. Your track does well to mirror this effect; exploring the ever-changing sounds, changing like the wind and finding new paths.
Fun stuff.