Rumor of the Day: Mutable Instruments to branch into household goods!

yeah SoundOnSound isnt always that bad :wink:

Ahh , I see , some kind of audio scrubbing tool

This actually makes sense to me as an inside joke now, as I remembered a post by Olivier explaining that most of his β€œEureka![](” moments with his designs come to him while he does the dishes)


You just nailed it. You must have been digging real deep in the archives - so a free Sponge 4 U!

Ooh - a 4u sponge

Isn’t that a fairly non-standard size for rack-mounting though?


Damn Ryan, way to deriddle!

I dug DEEP! I prefer mine in 12u- as in, a 3 pack! These dishes are grimy!

Actually these ones are 1,75U and 9,25HP