Rumor of the Day: Mutable Instruments to branch into household goods!

Ladies and Gentleman,
as we all know Mutable Instruments is heading for some bigger markets than DIY Kits. First we all thought this would be Eurorack Modules but obviously Olivier seems to be heading for even wider markets and wants to hit everyone.
Obviously MI tries to transpose the image of clean sounding devices to clean making household goods. Prismating thru the Internet we spotted this in the deepest folders of an far east mass suppliers confidential laptop:

Could one clean non-MI synths with this?

Or is this a new type of extra-analog Filter?

Maybe if you manage to attach it to your ears it can act as a 0,2db/Oct Filter . . .

Set it to 100% wet for the best effect.

From the Sound on Sound review: “Clean sounding filter with liquid, bubbly resonance, capable of foamy sweeps - but when overdriven it shows its other side - capable of harsh, abrasive textures”

man I bet those smelled great doing that

In fact it doesnt smell at all…

I wonder if anyone has the schematics of this new product? I bet it shares a lot of components from the No-Pass Filter?

Actually its a totally different technology paradigm so it shares nothing with the NoPass Filter except that its attracted by gravity and contains carbon - pretty much the same similarity between you and an aircraft carrier.

WANT!! :slight_smile:

can do - how many?

One of each color?

i have 8 colors…

Oh goody! Want all 8 :smiley: it’s the new victory candy…

Glad to see pichenettes going back to his software roots.

The keys are a bit spongy and unresponsive. After-touch, you must dry your hands if the wet filter is engaged.

Love it!

can i get one if i order some boards?

I can’t wait to see Schrabs take on it…

I’m just pleased that Sound On Sound wrote such a sensitive review about it