RS Electronics. Are these caps audio grade?

I’m trying to avoid ordering from Digikey and Farnell because they’re both very expensive for small amounts of parts. I found RS to have quite a few things that Reichelt doesn’t stock and at very good prices too it seems.

Maybe someone with a better understanding of electronics can check if these caps are a good alternatives to the Farnell audio grade ones. I don’t really know what qualifies a cap as audio grade but the specs seem similar.

4.7uF audio grade cap
farnell: 1236689

10uF Electrolytic cap (sidekick)
rs: 727-0486
farnell: 9696636

1.0uF audio grade cap
rs: 365-4717
farnell: 1236655

You can put anything as the 10uF cap for the Sidekick.

The 4.7uF and 1.0uF caps for the Shruthi filter boards need to be non-polarized. Those RS parts are not. Look for NP electrolytic caps.

Thanks that explains a lot. I had some axial 4.7 caps from Reichelt and I was getting frustrated because I couldn’t figure out what the polarization was! So that’s what NP stands for. Learning new things every day:) The PCB has + marks on it so that’s why I assumed the thing must have a + side somewhere. For the radial ones it was never a problem because I always assumed the longest lead was the +.

That means Reichelt stocks suitable caps too. The 4.7 ones are quite big but not too much.
4.7uF: TON 4,7/63
1.0uF: VIS ELKO 5350

I found these from RS which seem better sized:
4.7uF: 727-0477
1.0uF: 521-1671

The RS ones are very cheap, are they audio proof? What qualities are important for audio? Ripple current, leakage, something else?

The Sidekick BOM lists the 10uF caps as NP. Is that not correct then?