Rpio >> Eurorack DAC for Raspberry Pi [DIY in beta stage]

Muff Wiggler thread

anybody here using Raspberry and / or puredata ? wiggler mxmxmx has just sent me a beta board, now i’m looking for the smt parts. it has ins and outs and i like a lot what he’s doing with the samples.
damn i’m such a bloody_noob[TM] at anything Pi, so is there folks out there who tried messing with the fruit?

I bought one about a year and a half ago, and it’s still sitting in the box. I haven’t made the time to work with it yet, but if I can work it into a module, I think that’s what I’ll do with it.

same here i only powered it up once over a year ago with pc monitor, kbd, mouse and looked at the linux stuff that doesn’t ring a bell with me.
however i will try some tinkering like suggested by adafruit with little displays and such, but this rpio thing looks cool with puredata (which i haven’t heard of before)

This is very cool - in some ways this is what I was thinking about doing in this thread from way back… Never got around to it (and my electronics skills are not up to the task)…

I just read the muffs thread…was a bit like reading a foreign language :slight_smile:

i compiled pd extended on the rpi because i thought i could use it for video stuff with gem. (was a lot of troube because i am a linux noob)
when i found out gem won’t work, i abandoned the rpi.
its a shame tough.

i’ve never heard of puredata before, never worked with linux (other than putting it on the rpi) and never worked with the rpi (other than putting linux on it and connect a mouse keys and screen)
so the smt soldering will be by far the easiest part for me