Round button caps?

is everybody making their case with machined frontplates or are people making their own surface, too?
i’m not sure atm how to do it. one thing is i’ve never done a design for ponoko or schaeffer, so i think i can’t do it, the holes won’t fit etc.
(before i start filing the holes to rectangles i guess the machined version would be much more reasonable)

so can anyone recommend any good circular caps for these buttons?

I can tell you about one that doesn’t fit: EG1091-ND from digikey

Maybe this:

401-1148-ND will work. You just need to make sure they are compatible with PVA switches

FYI: If you’re going to go with Ponoko or FPE/Schaeffer, cutting the rectangular shapes is usually cheaper.

One question about round buttons :
Can i order that reference from digikey = EG1091-ND SWITCH CAP BLACK ROUND

There is different colors !

Is somebody have already used them for shruti-1 ?


Oh no, i’ve just read pichenettes’s answer after my post …
Ok that’s not possible :frowning:

I’ll order some stuff from digikey next week, including a sample of other switches/keys/caps… If you want me to order something for you let me know.

And about 401-1148-ND

Is it right with shruti-1 keys EG1821-ND like x0xb0x keys ?


Yes that’s interesting me ! i have every parts for my shruti except keys and caps but i’d like to order round caps. Do you know what’s reference is good ?


I have checked digikey catalog and it seems to be ok !
If you confirm i will order differents colors in round shape and some keys too

Great :slight_smile:

@ Kroutshev

I have those and they work except they are REALLY short so I dont think they would be usefull here (about 1/2" the height of the x0x caps)

Ok Altitude, thanks for the information. Perhaps i can use smaller spacers to block command board into my box ! i will measure tonight to see if i can use them

i have tried the c&k guys from digikey / farnell too. they fit perfectly on the e-switches, just like altitude recommended. but they’re ridiculously low profile indeed. i formerly said in some thread here that i had no issues from socketing all ics. now i have, because the buttons and the top of the cs ics are about one level. so if there’s really no other round caps anywhere in the world i might “have to” rebuild everything and go for arcade switches, which i like very much. but that would include panel mount pots too…

btw: i ordered some TYCO ALCOSWITCHes FSM103 that looked exactly the same like the e-switches to use them with other projects, hoping that they match the caps, which they don’t. craziest thing here: these switches, although made for use with caps (no?) do not have any caps to go with!

Note that the EG1091-ND aren’t that bad… with a bit of glue and held in place by the enclosure, this might be ok.

I have spent some time browsing the digikey catalogue but I haven’t found anything obvious (401-1204-ND? EG1882-ND?). I don’t mind changing to another type of switch if there’s something with more options for caps and/or easier to source… Or at least leave some holes for an alternative footprint? Any recommendation? Reichelt/Farnell welcome!

Hi pichenettes,
if you’re always ok i’d like to order that list :

I’ve got TL072 but it seems that 823 is really better, isn’t it ?


Sorry, I have already placed the order! But I have ordered some of the red caps (and maybe grey, I don’t remember), and I have a bunch of AD823s

Im building a custom enclosure, but Id really like to use switches that screw into the enclosure itself. Something in the styll of the following:

I don’t know much about switches, but Ive gathered that the switches you recieve when ordering the kit have the following properties:

Mechanism: SPST
Operating force: 160gf
DC: 12V
Max current: 50mA

What im unsure of is which of these properties are vital to operate correctly. For example if I want a switch that screws into the case, can any of the perimeters above be different. Any help would be much appreciated!

The required property is “there is no electrical contact when the switch is not pressed ; and there is an electrical contact when the switch is pressed”.

You’re not going to use this to switch a Nuclear power plant, are you?

Holy shit: £7.51

Yeh that particular switch is WAAAAY too expensive I just meant I want one that screws into the case. Like I say I don’t know much about switching so just wanted to make sure that none of the electrical or mechanical properties of the switch are vital to proper operation of the circuit. I suppose I can just buy any push-to-make momentary switch then?