Round button caps for AMBIKA

Hi MI-folks,
i just finished my Ambika and everything is working quite nicely.
Since I want to build my own case including frontplate now, i need round caps for the tl1100 series of switches (because my only way of making holes is drilling ^^). E-switch produces some called “.08” or “.09” but i can’t seem to find them anywhere.
So: if anybody knows where to get those or any compatible parts or even a different switch with matching caps (preferably from germany or europe) please tell me.

Hi! I’m using this switches+caps in my projects.

wow, that was fast and looks promissing. I think I’ll order those. thanks

You’re welcome!

i told you, you would get help here…
welcome to the forum moe

Make sure to check the height of the round parts, the ones I got were considerably shorter than the rectangular ones so some other adjustments needed to be made

how many do you need? red or black?
take into consideration what altitude said. they won’t work with the same distance to the panel as the normal rectangular ones.

I have allready ordered them and the height should work if their specs are correct.
Color doesn’t matter since i’m going to paint them green anyway. maybe even glow-in-the-dark-green

@macMOE has anyone run a Geiger counter over that stuff?:wink: It reminds me of this sad story.
radium dials
God,what a way to go.

I’m also a little sceptical. But if i don’t lick i should be safe.
And it’s too tempting because it GLOWS ^^.
If that turns out nice, i’m going to paint a lot of things in our appartement with that. My girlfriend will hate me.

Oh noes, takes me back to those college days in FL. Blacklight, fluro marker juice and the occasional “finger painting session” with the girls… Good times. We didn’t inhale ™

inhale… other than solder fumes?

But, it was legal in Amsterdam mr policeman!

Ah… the dutch Grls…

word on the street is this one covers better and has more glowing power

@ loderbast. yeah that looks better, as far as i can tell from the videos and pics i saw.
only problem: once you turn the light back on its that greenish white, which is not a good look.

That’s just reminded me I have some military tritium beta lights from 30+ years ago. I shall dig them out , they will fit in a case.

Yes, more lights. although not of the Blinken-kind this time.

I’m resurrecting this thread because i noticed some changes in the mouser part for the switch caps. If i remember correctly the caps were produced by e-switch, but now the part is from c&k components.

Now i wonder if it’ll fit because that would mean the round caps they now offer would fit as well. (which would be good for me since my hong-kong-switches haven’t arrived yet)

Has anyone ordered this part already, or am i mistaken with the producer-change?

i think you were somehow mistaken.

the mouser part from the bom still refers the e-switch part

how did you end up with the number for the c&k thing?