Roland wants you to patch

I don’t know what they paid Dr. Boulanger, but they sure got their money’s worth… :wink:

There will be a hands-on session with the new Roland eurorack gear at the New Sound Waves meeting in Sydney this weekend. I am almost scared to go, because I know I will want a System-1m to replace the rusty 1976 Roland System 100 that I sold in 2013 for a small fortune.

These demos were pretty good, but all they really confirmed for me was that there is no MIDI to CV/gate on the 1m because they have that “sync box” that does that… It is a bit of a shame to add another box just for one function.

I will wait for a second hand one or when they include a few plugouts, I think. They are very nice units.

You sure they just didnt want to promote the sync box device? I mean it does have usb and din midi on the back right?

Yes, a MIDI and DIN SYNC in with two outs for each as well as USB. Then just 4 CV and gate outs.
I would have preferred MIDI over USB on the front too, but I get why they did what they did.

Besides, it is always possible that they may be able to turn two of the current jacks into CV/Gate out in a firmware update. Optional per patch of course…

Despite these small disagreements, the sound is very spot-on. It is great to hear such an authentic sound as even their new analogue doesn’t sound like the vintage stuff.