Roland tr8 firmware update issues (solved)

Has anyone managed to update the firmware on their tr8 ?

I am having dramas and am now scared to even try again after 2 failed attempts resulting in me having to switch off the tr8 after starting the process which you are not supposed to do.

My issues are :

The Instructions say check your version and the current version prior to 1.10 should be 1.04 but mine is 1.02 (I did get it quite early secondhand and It is from abroad but I’m not sure where it came with a 2 pin plug that runs on 240 volts so I’m assuming Europe) (can’t find a 1.04 fimware to install either)

The instructions refer to a file called tr8_rom.bin but I do not have this file it is in fact called tr8_upd.bin

Following the instructions but using this file assuming that is what they mean you are then instructed to trash the file after copying it into the tr8 drive and unplugging the USB cable this makes osx tell you that the drive wasn’t ejected correctly.
The the snare and pad 2 buttons blink as they should.

I then press the pad 2 button and the lt and pad 3 buttons blink as they should but pad 16 also lights up in red (this is not mentioned in the instructions) the scatter kits do not light up at all and it just appears like it waiting to receive the file but nothing happens.

I did accidentally press start whilst I was in under the hood mode which appeared to do something but I’m not sure what hope I haven’t cause an issue their.

All in all I’m really disappointed at the poor instructions and lack of support from roland (they have madeir clear they wont be offering support fpr updating the firmware) on a product that I love and couldn’t say a a bad word about it until now.

Can anyone help me please ?

It’s ok I have Sussed it just for anyone having problems don’t follow the PDF when installing via a mac follow the video on as the PDF instructions are wrong and don’t work

having the same issue, and cant find the roland video… can u help buddy?

Yeah follow this link and watch the tr8 firmware video he explains it all properly

Don’t trash the file

hmmm, i have the problem of not being able to update also.
Unfortunately TR8 will not even enter ‘update mode’ …
holding down step one as i switch on the device does nothing at all.
Did a factory reset to no avail and am now back to ver.1.02

I just can’t seem to extract the downloaded BIN file that I’ve downloaded fom the Roland website.
I’ve tried several apps on my mac that just refuse to open it. Any ideas please??

Safari extracts the file by default so you get (at lease over here) automatically the TR8_UPD.BIN