Roland SE-02 Analog Boutique Three-Osc Ladder Filter Mono Synth


Minimoog styled Behringer Model D competitor announced.


Nice. Very nice. Roland keeps surprising. Looks like it even does audio over USB like the other Boutiques.


I have to say, that I find it strange that Roland is selling an updated version of another companys version af a Moog synth.

I wonder if playability is going to be alright, that’s ALOT of knobs on a tiny area.


It’s really getting kind of weird… but then, it’s also kind of cool. I am a bit concerned about the playability as well though It seems less bad from the total shots, than it looks in the photo posted above. At least it’s all pots and no 20mm sliders.
It’s also interesting that Roland now does discreet analogue for a Boutique series synth and also interesting they did this with Studio Electronics and not Malekko. Except if these are now the same company and I didn’t know…


And that they didn’t do it with the TB-03.


The whole Model D thing is starting to get ridicolous. C’mon, there’s more to synths than Model Ds. I mean, it’s a great synthesizer, but the hype is slowly getting way too much. (And I have a weak spot for the ladder filter sound - just say’in).

With that said - audio over USB is a nice touch that surely will appeal to many, especially since it is so crazy small. Then there’s a delay (cool!) and the sequencer. Depending on pricing, this might actually be a tough hit for Behringers version.


To be fair, it has more going on than a Model D. But yes, the influence is clearly there, granted. Still, Moog influenced gear is essentially Studio Electronics core business. Its what they started out with at least anyway.

Still, better this than the blatant Behringer rip off.


There’s a big design difference under the apparent similarity.

The Behringer D sticks to the original “pots in the signal path” design - this means MIDI control on pitch only - but analog envelopes true to the original (unless they did not clone the envelope circuit).

The SE-02 appears to have full patch memory, and MIDI/sequencer control over everything - which means that there are a little army of VCAs on the board, and that it probably uses digital envelopes/LFOs.


It sure has, including per-step automation for all parameters in the sequencer.

FWIW, offering a Model D sound with full MIDI control and patch memory (and a ton of great built-in presets) has always been Studio Electronics primary offering. :slight_smile:


Also nice to see that the Boutique step sequencer has finally grown up.


exactly… despite it being obvious that everybody would have been bitching about it :smiley:

Now that you mention it… true! There is a Boomstar with Moog-style filter. Kind of forgot about it…
I guess this explains why Roland chose to work with them on this one.


I mean…


oh. never saw this one… but I also didn’t know about SE before the Boomstar.


They started out MIDI-retrofitting Minimoogs. Then they offered to rip the boards out of your old Minimoog and put ’em in a rackmount case. Then they figured it made more sense to clone the mainboards instead of ripping synths up. Then they added full MIDI CC control and patch memory and the SE-1 was born. :slight_smile:


They had a nice idea with swappable filter flavours in cartridge form.



A thought… If this synth is part of a new ‘Boutique Designer’ series… Who else might Roland likely collaborate with next?? Of course i’d like it to be EMS and Mutable :wink: Hey, a guy can dream, right?
(I realise its not Oliviers style, but its an interesting thought none the less)


Roland SR-02 anyone? :wink:


I’d say Mark Verbos or Sputnik, for a Boutique Côte-Ouest. Erica synth for a Boutivoks?


A boutique version of Intellijel’s Atlantis would be cool (and would be kind of a funny full circle, since the design is inspired by the SH-101).


Dreadbox made some really nice stuff in the past few years - I wonder what they’d come up with in a collaboration with Roland. I also like this guys name :wink: