Roland JD-Xi...?

But it has minikeys :frowning:

Oh, so this finally made it here? My guess is that it is a digital poly with a monophonic analogue section and the option to paraphonically process the digital poly with the filter. It looks just like a Casio HT700. As the analogue oscillator has a sub oscillator it will probably be given low note priority for basses. I hope the filter key tracking is given high note priority in this case.


Reminds somehow to the AIRA series (without green lining)ā€¦

Could very well be an aira/plugout version of the JD/JP lineā€¦ Since that would explain the red LED rings around the knobsā€¦ While they could be paint, they sort of look like LEDs to meā€¦ (Or EL, but I hope it isnā€™t EL)

I can handle the MS-20 semi-mini keys, but only on a mono. I now have a microBrute and the keys are annoyingly small. For a poly I would want full size keys.

I thought i could handle MS-20 Mini keysā€¦ until I got MS-20 Kit with standard size keys and 1/4" jacksā€¦ itā€™s sooooo much better, that my MS-20 Mini is up for sale.