Roland Aira - somehow they finally woke up

The big R made some kind of 808 reissue. There’s no solid info yet on how analog it is but it looks exciting. Cautiously optimistic.

Teasers abound
Of course people on Gearslutz are speculating, but I guess official info will follow.

There’s also some 303-remake in the wings.

Plus a voice transformer/vocoder

I’m guessing 10% analog, and a pricetag that is so high only enthusiasts will buy it, and Roland will go back to their accordion ways… :frowning:

Yup. Seems everybody is dissing Roland, but I hold out some glimmer of hope this time - it’s not like everybody hasn’t been shouting at them what to do.

I called an analog groovebox-type device like a modern MC-202- Right @qp (he knows I did).

So I might be right if it isn’t just an 808 clone.

Now the vocoder could be cool…

But- if it’s an analog drum machine that also plays samples, they’re really in business because I doubt that’s what Elektron’s product reveal will be on the 25th…

I have fond memories of the old Boss VT-1, less so of the cheap Korg Harmonizer that was out then back in the day. After I got myself a real analog vocoder (MAM VF-11) I was happy enough. Then again, there’s lots of fun to be had in the talkbox/Voice FX land…

And, come on folks, let’s be honest- that thing looks really, really cool =)

I’m pretty sure these are not analogue instruments. They might sound very nice and have a good user interface, but I would be greatly surprised when these would turn out to be analogue.

Judging from the video (“the time has come to take the next step”), this is not going to be a straightforward reissue.

Ja I want Cheezy Poofs!

Looks nice at any rate.

If you spoof the URL further (img-thumbnail004-006) you’ll see the VT thingy plus something about an Aira Event and Aira Email, which I guess might be some interest list for news/spam.

it’s pretty thin and the guy is setting it down in front of a computer in the video…

If this is Roland’s NI Maschine a lot of people will turn their backs on them for good…I just can’t see them doing it after the reaction to the Juno and Jupiter rebrandings…

Maybe they finally made what they set out to make in 1980- a device to play a backing track!

I kinda love how the video makes it look like they had to reverse-engineer their own 808…

Using modern components such as SMT and high-integration micro controllers it can still be fully analog or a hybrid and still fit in that box. Guess we’ll find out. They will seriously burn bridges if it’s a new iteration of MC-x0x.

I wish I was Asian and ageless…THOSE guys worked on the original 808 30 years ago???

Were they 12?

The Aria TB-1010

1010- they foresaw digital with their numbering system!

Maybe the older looking guy, the others - not so much.

With NAMM just around the corner and Messe in March they can keep teasing all they want. As usual - the proof is in the pudding.

The Aira TB-2020 - master of hindsight.

These companies make what they want. Jaguar would probably sell a lot of e-types if they made some more but why would they bother? they want to move forwards.

If Roland made a modern 303 that looked identical to the old one but was MIDI and SMT there would be people saying it didn’t sound the same.

Ha a 2020…


These companies have investors…they want to move forward with making more money. Their VAs didn’t do so well.

Listen if it’s a really cool drum synth and it isn’t really expensive then it’s going to be a good product- I don’t use analog drums (well I would if it was in modular form). But if it’s a MIDI controller for software, then they didn’t learn from the MPC Renaissance…

Obviously, but there’s a DNA of good ideas if you will that means that once in a while there are throwback editions of everything. It’s not like Moog are throwing away that meaty transistor filter - in fact they’re very conservative. Others like Korg revisits their roots too.

I see more as being recombinant - analog x0x stylee drums, modern controllers, MIDI/USB/SDHC storage…

If it outputs audio over USB (like everything new should), then it will be a big seller for them. If a small Canadian company like iConnect can ultilize the tech in a product that costs $250, I don’t understand what everyone else is waiting for.