Rock band + Rings & Elements + Clouds

Since I fell in love with modules few years ago I was thinking of blending it together with my band’s music.

And finally there’s something I’m ready to share:
our first indie track heavily utilizing beloved Mutable modules.
Here I’ve used mostly it with guitars and vocals (though some drums parts been affected too) slowly morphing the song from faux-traditional ballad into some free-styling soundscaping madness (especially two last minutes).

Hope you’ll enjoy it - maybe not as much as I’ve enjoyed the process of creation, but still


that’s really cool

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Thank you! - the hardest part is to stop playing with the knobs and settings and pick the best take :see_no_evil:

That’s the trouble nowadays, getting knobbed to death! Like the old days of synths… far too many variables!

Wow, just wow! Loving every bit of it!

Edit: the transients on the bass… The snare drum flams… The reverb coming in right before the loud part… All the textures… So good! Give me more!