RN2 10K resistor network

So my Ambika boards came in today and I have started my journey of polyphony. However, I am at the part on the mobo where two 10k resistor networks are to be soldered in and my RN2 which was purchased through digikey is has only 8 pins and the description in Assembly as well as my board says 9 pins. So either I’m going to have an extra hole in my mobo with functionality or part number on BOM is incorrect. Help. I need somebody help. Not just anybody. Help.

Digikey part number in BOM is incorrect :frowning: I will try to find a replacement…

I appreciate it. It will give me time to have all voices done.

Digikey now seems to have the Bourns parts in stock. Great! 4609X-101-103LF

You’re the man.