Ritual Gains

First patch in a few months, I’ve sort of settled down a bit on my latest meds which still make me kinda fucked in the head but less dangerously so than the previous ones. I am also in the process of starting to hang out with this super pretty/talented/smart/funny girl and we have loads in common (including all the bad stuff) so we’ll see if we can survive each other and maybe process a relationship or something I guess.

Patch notes.

Self modulated Doepfer A143-4 as a random burst/trig/gate generator pinging the Shape input/lpg of old Tides Parasites to make a granularish cloud. That goes into a 3 Sisters with the high pass out to the mixer and the centre notch fed into a Rings. A bunch of other things being modulated with Stages, Marbles and New Tides via Blinds. Braids is in there somewhere going through an optodist too.

I’ve not played clarinet for ages so decided to send it into the modular using a switch and the using Peaks random stepped voltages to throw the audio to one of 2 oddly measured loops in a DLD. The 2 channels of the DLD then went to Blinds for gradual mixing in and out.


Sweet track and I am glad to hear things are looking up!
Your music is getting more interesting with every track you post, i dig it.

Good luck with your things… Great track BTW…

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Love the inclusion of the clarinet!