Ripples = VCF + VCA?

Hello everyone,

first of all, I’d like to apologize if the question has been already asked, and I’m sorry about my english skills too.
Here is my question : I’m kind of new to the modular scene and I’m trying to build a “budget” eurorack. I was wondering if Ripples could replace a VCF and a VCA and be the output of my system ? Thanks in advance !

If you want your filter and amp functions to be identical then the filter will close fully and therefore behave like a VCA.

But quite often you want them to be separate functions, you might want the filter to modulate via an LFO.

The answer above tries to answer the question: “can a VCF be used a VCA”, but is not specific to Ripples.

Here’s a more correct answer: Ripples has a built-in VCA, with a dedicated output (LP4>VCA) and a dedicated CV input controlling VCA amplitude. The LP4>VCA output (just like the output of any other module) can be directly connected to a mixer, audio interface, etc.

Note the VCA only acts on the output from the low-pass filter, and you can’t use the VCA without the signal first going through the filter, as there is no independent input to the VCA.


It is a lovely filter, though :slight_smile:


you could leave the filter fully open for using just the vca though?

True. But you can’t filter one signal, and use the VCA on another.

I think you’d still get some high-frequency rolloff, even with the filter fully open.


Ok, thanks a lot for your answers !

I certainly use the Ripples VCA frequently, and ‘independently’ (i.e. controlling the LP4 cutoff and VCA separately). It makes Ripples a great choice in low-HP situations. Of course there are compromises, but that’s the appeal of modular for me - the tools I use influence the choices I make and the results I achieve. If I use Ripples alongside moddemix, for example, I’ll end up going in a different direction. But primarily, being able to quickly throw some VCA control into a Ripples configuration is very useful.

If I was starting over on a limited budget, I’d certainly give serious thought to Ripples as my initial filter / VCA solution, because it’s enough to get started with and gracefully adapts to later expansion. And, of course, it sounds great!