Ripples v/o tuning calibration

Hello, i do not know if that has been discussed before but couldn’t find any info anyway, so here it goes: i am aware of the calibration procedure for the scaling, but is there a way to set the actual frequency/pitch? Mine is at C sharp when completely closed, and although it tracks perfectly, it always fall on C sharp when completely counter clockwise and self resonating. Any way to have it at C when fully counter clock? Thanks a lot, and why oh why didn’t I get that filter before!!!

I would try putting a small negative DC offset into the frequency CV input (via the FREQ or FM inputs).

Hmmmm this is kinda what i am currently doing, but i was hoping for some form of permanent solution… As in calibration. Thanks a lot by the way😊

There is no way of fine-tuning the CV sent to the filter core when the FREQUENCY knob is fully CCW.

No way to internally fine-tune the completely CCW then? Damn. … anyway, thanks for the fast reply Emilie!:blush:

You can hack the board and replace R34 by a 44k resistor in series with a 5k trimmer.