Ripples scratchy cutoff knob

When turning the cutoff knob on my factory ripples, it creates a bit of distortion around 12 o clock. is there any sort of quick fix you recommend for this like dioxit or is it just more likely the pot need to be replaced?


The pot needs to be replaced, send me the module!


I have the same problem. Is there a Mouser or Digikey replacement?
Also, where can you get the tool for the 3.5mm jack nuts? Looks like they have 2 tiny slots on the side.


I usually get them from Exploding Shed but they don’t have them in stock:

As for the pots:

You can also send me the module :slight_smile:

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I’ve recently discovered the same problem with my Ripples - can I also send it to you?


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Where do i find the address?

Contact me through the contact form on the mutable instruments website.

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I’m probably the thousandth person to say this, but MI customer support is outstanding.

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You need to replace the pot.