Ripples or veils input gain

About ripples/veils vs ears for line level signals.
Is there much difference in the end product (driving line level to be useable in euroland)?

The aim is for the cleanest, least noisy signal.

Ears is truly the best. Clean circuit, and very high input impedance. Do one thing and do it well!

Veils is linear (no fuzzy distortion!), but noisy (because the circuit is voltage-controlled). At high gains, with the exponential response, you will get more hiss.

Ripples has two drawback: first, there is a non-linear element in the input stage (when the signal amplitude exceeds 10Vpp, it starts getting some soft limiting/distortion), and secondly, you can only get your signal through the filter. Even with the cutoff frequency set to the maximum, there will be some gentle attenuation of the highs!