Ripples loudness drop

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browsed the search results on this but didn´t find an answer. One of the unique points about Ripples is the ability to not lose volume when increasing resonance. On my unit however i observe up to 6 db of volume loss when putting resonance at 50%. Even at 20% res the loudness drop is significant. Do i have a faulty unit or is this behaviour reproducable? (This is true for all outputs LP2 / LP4 / LP4 VCA / BP)

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it is reproducable. I think ithat is the normal behaviour of an analogue filter.

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yes, i’m aware of that. However, one of the points in the description of Ripples is that it’s supposed to avoid this, hence my question. There are analog filters that don’t have that drop in volume with resonance increase.

Thanks for the answer though, appreciated!

You are right. Sorry. I just read the description at Schneider’s. Did not notice that before. The drop is audible and visible in Jack o tools.

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Ripples uses the same compensation scheme as found on some Roland synths, where there’s some high-pass filtering of the compensation signal, and where the compensation doesn’t go to 100%. Things are designed so that, loosely, the extra energy added by resonance is compensated by a moderate drop in the passband and clipping is not introduced. It’s halfway between no compensation and full compensation (which would require a lot of headroom).



No compensation


@pichenettes thanks for the thorough explanation! That explains it, didn’t know about the compensation / headroom! Great filter though, sounds super-liquid :metal:t2::space_invader:

Wow, thanks a lot!! If its about chosing a filter I usually end up with Ripples, resonance half way up.