Ripples broken?

Hi everyone,
This is my very first post here so hello to all !

I have a problem with my original MI Ripples Filter. The Filter suddenly sounds harsh with resonance quarter to half open. You can hear it best if i let the filter go into self oscillation. I have attached a soundcloud link fo explanation. The first example is the broken one, the scond is a normally working second Ripples i have.

maybe someone could help me

thank you

Are they in the same case? In the first half it looks like there’s some 50Hz cross-modulation (PSU problem)

Hi Emilie, will check that now…they are in the same 2 Row Case but different PSU´s inside. i will check the Filter in the other case.

Ok, its the PSU. in the other case its fine. so that mean my PSU is broken? because all other modules work fine

PSU is broken or overloaded.

Modules can react differently to that. Digital modules aren’t as likely to be affected for example!

Ripples uses the +12V rail as a source for the range of resonance knob, so that’s why the resonance is affected. Yes that’s not a super wise choice since it gives a path through which PSU fluctuations can “leak” into the circuit, but that was one of my first modules! More recent modules use voltage regulators or voltage references to be immune to this.


ok. thats an Explanation, but one more question i have an DIY Ripples here too and this unit work without problems. So are the DIY Versions corrected? this confused me here at the moment. all is working except the Ripple. Other Ripple are working too. but when i change the “broken” ripple in another case its working fine… wtf

You’re asking me a question about something I haven’t made… But I’d doubt so!

What is the version number on the PCB of all your Ripples?

The Orignal one is V0.1 ,the DIY has V4. i had measured my 12V in my Case. I think 11.41V at + and- 12V with Modules Connected is not enough isnt ?