Ripples as first filter?

Title says it all. it’s time that I started my modular and i’m wondering if you more experienced folks can recommend this idea or is there a wiser move? I love everything Mutable, but I know there are more vanilla filters to be had for less cash, though I worry that I would end up getting ripples and casting aside the blander filter I started on.

sat nam,

I have nothing to compare it to as it is my first filter, but it’s does everything you want a filter to do- plus some stuff I didn’t know filters could do, like multiple outputs.

It has a VCA before one of the outputs, so it’s handy (i’m new to this, but I already know you can never have enough amps). It will also allow you to output your 5v modules to 12v.

It also happens to be a squeaky clean, amazing filter that’s a lot like Roland Juno filters, but it can get fuzzy with the FM + lots of resonance- very snappy and bubbly, but never quiet, which is the worst thing a filter can be.

Same deal here, Ripples is my first Euro filter but I am very happy with it. It’s a nice contrast to my MicroBrute’s, and it is definitely awesome having a built in output VCA available, especially with a small/new system, though to be fair it’s not the ONLY Euro filter with that.

Given that I can’t compare it with other Euro filters, I CAN definitely say that it’s certainly a Mutable Instruments filter (not being witty, I think you know what I mean :slight_smile: ), and if you like most things MI, you won’t be disappointed. I can also say that while I’ve certainly come across things that I’d change about other modules, I have little desire personally for another filter except perhaps something like a Buchla-style Low Pass Gate to see what the hype is all about.

@RyanA4 I am not sure what you mean about outputting 5V to 12V though?

Yeah I guess it doesn’t output CVs so that’s irrelevant. I was trying to think of other reasons why it’s great with other MI stuff!

and, honestly weNiverse, i’d spend more of my money and time focused on other modules than filters. Ripples is great, musical, and relatively inexpensive. It’s a no brainer.

Remember a lot of cool sound sources don’t even need a filter to produce incredible stuff (like Braids). Also, there are too many “wild” filters around right now. They look cool but how long can you go wild before you want to actually make music and patch your Ripples instead?


I’d be thinking about sound sources, envelopes, and modulators for those sound sources (LFO, wave shaping/folding/splitting).

That’s the bread and butter of eurorack. You need filters for sure depending on what you get, but you need other stuff more so Ripples is the perfect way to start.

Maybe if I didn’t have a Braids, I’d be more worried about Euro filters, too :slight_smile:

Modulation and control thereof is more interesting to me, given that my main module sound source is Braids. What would you be filtering so far, weNiverse?

Today I was given a j3rk dual mirror core oscillator set of PCBs and panel as well as a doepfer a-140 and I have the x0xb0x as a sequencer and quite a few stackables for splitting. Since the j3rk is going to take some time to source and build I’m tempted to pull the trigger on Braids, but the patient side of me says wait. The luster of gear in me say “both”

Actually many euro filters are playing the “characterial” card. Ripples is not one of them. It’s round, clean and stable. You have a VCA built in. All good things for beginners.

both is the answer you’ll come to eventually. I decided the only way I wasn’t going to fill up a 6U in a week was by buying expensive stuff I really wanted rather than a complete system. That puts me into min/max mode where I have a standard and am not “saving” money but going and buying 6 little ones and a new case every month…

I had that caught up in drafts, You didn’t beat me to that, I swear!

To answer the question in the Threads title: Yes.

It’s also a great thing for facilitating a the massive, indulgent multi oscillator sync of your dreams.

I vote adamently against the “both” or “get them all” philosophy with modular (and life) for many reasons…but I vote in favor of Braids for many reasons, and Braids with a complex dual analog VCO would be a versatile combo.

My thinking was the same: get the good stuff so I don’t end up with a 12U and constantly posting “FS/FT” on Muffs.

It’s going to take me a while to full the 6U, but I won’t have much standard stuff in it which will stave off the second case for a while.