Ripples 5U clone

I recently build a “small” YUSynth, and I had some spares of copper, aluminum, pot, knob, etc…
So I decided to build a Ripples VCF according to the schematics released by Olivier.
This is the result :

Some changes are the add of 78L12/79L12 to use the module with a +15/-15 supply
And the substitution of LM4040-5V by a 5.1V zener (because I have it freely).

Thanks Olivier for this design.
This build was just for personal fun, I do not intend to sell it!

And a talent-less demo


Well done again!

Next: Braids

I bet schrab is already etching dies for the CPU in his kitchen sink and then goes hunting for some resin in the woods to cast the Enclosures for these…


@pichenettes :

I’m looking for starburst display from broken blu-ray player :slight_smile:

This is great! What method did you use for the front panel?

The front-panel is chloride etched aluminum, filled with two colors.
Picture of the panel before the dirty but glossy blue painting :

nice work!

very cool!

yeah very very cool.
i admire people who get stuff like that done in such quality and DIY
also the MI design philosophy (i know, no better term at hand right now) is always a matter of great delight :smiley:

Sounds great! I like the design and blue paint on the cover.

hold on, we can make our own PCBs ! Gah! I totally forgot Olivier is the open source king!