Ripples (2020) V/OCT tracking problem

I recently bought Ripples from one of MI’s vendors here in the US. It’s an amazing filter, and I also love that you can turn it into an oscillator. However, I’ve found that the V/OCT tracking seems to be off.

I’m sending voltage into the V/OCT input from Winterbloom Sol, but Ripples loses tune after more than one octave. Do I need to recalibrate my module? Listen below for an example of what I’m referring to. I’m starting at very close to A440, and then it loses track as soon as the next octave –

*Edit note: I’m running this from Winterbloom Sol, which hasn’t had an issue with other oscillators in my setup so far.

From memory ripples is calibrated for 1V/O but it is not temperature compensated like dedicated oscillators are. This will cause some drifting as the case heats up or external temperature changes. Mostly I find tracking is good enough over about 3 or 4 octaves.

Interesting. That’s good to know. By ear, do you think that my example of drifting is to be expected, given what you’ve heard on your module, or do you think your module is generally more in tune than mine?

The thing that I keep in mind is that Ripples is a filter first and foremost in regards to its topology.

The ability to operate as a 1V/O oscillator is a bonus in my book.

My approach to modules is to find ways to work with both the strengths and weaknesses which they offer.

Where I use Ripples the most is as a pure sine wave oscillator in conjunction with wavefolders which work exceptionally well with sine waves.

Oh for sure – I agree about the bonus. I only wonder if maybe I, unintentionally, “discalibrated” it somehow, or if maybe this tuning is to be expected.

No, but one thing that could be taken into account: the module is not rack-mounted during the test and calibration procedure, so the components are at room temperature. In a closed case with no ventilation, and close to power-hungry modules dissipating a lot of heat the temperature can rise up to 40°. So maybe you can leave the module powered on inside the case for 30 minutes, remove the screws, and adjust the tuning trimmer to check if this improves the tracking.

I’ll give this a try, thank you!!

I have several (mark 1) Ripples, and they all exhibit such behaviour: no matter who carefully you calibrate them, V/octave tracking is acceptable only for an octave or two at best, although as noted, that’s entirely as expected.

However, if you do want to use your Ripples as a sine wave oscillator (possibly through a wave folder or distortion module), and you happen to have an O&C (Ornament & Crime) module, then it is possible to use the “auto-tune” oscillator compensation facility in it to achieve near-perfect V/octave tracking (within a few cents) with self-oscillating Ripples over a 6 or 7 octave range, on up to 4 independent channels (thus for up to four Ripples or other VCOs or pseudo-VCOs). You still need to run the auto-tune (auto-calibration) procedure every time you use them, due to the lack of temperature compensation, but once at a stable temperature, the auto-calibration is good for an hour or two without having re-run it. Running the auto-calibration only takes 30 seconds and some minor re-patching for each channel.


Oh, fascinating. I didn’t know that about O&C. I have a Winterbloom Sol, which is awesome, but I’m not sure it could accomplish that same thing without great effort. I’ll have to look into that!