Ripples 2020 no sound but iput lights work

As the title states, i don’t get any sound of my ripples anymore.
I was using it in a small skiff with plaits and beads, both of them still work great, but ripples stopped working.

I can hear a pop when i plug something in.

Warranty is long gone so i am willing to fix it myself, already stripped the faceplate to see if anything looks burnt or in any way unusual which is not the case.

There are two diodes (D1/D2) near the power supply which, how i understand it, could be for reverse voltage protection. I wonder if i should bridge them to see if they are gone ? :slight_smile:

Would be happy about ANY advice, as i love the filter and there is nothing out there at the moment that could replace it for me at that low HP

Please don’t do anything stupid, you can send me back the module and I’ll fix it, of course!

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No i won’t do anything stupid, i was just wondering what the reason could be.

I would love to let you repair it, but the warranty is long gone. On the other hand i hope it won’t cost more than a new one so.
Can you provide me with an adress?