Ripples 2020 FM knob

Hi all, Is it possible to replace the small FM attenuverter with a larger one, like the res knob?


The PCB footprints are not the same, and it’s likely that the knob would take too much space on the panel.

I think befaco makes sleeves for mini pots to give them a better grip, might wanna try one of those…

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These might be what Don was referring to…
Not quite what you were after, but might be useful?


I totally understand the suggestion but …Be careful:

While it’s tempting to fit onto the Song Huei Tall Trimmer Pots – they are extremely hard to remove again from tall trimmer pots and it’s very easy to damage your pots or module in the process.

You’d probably have to replace the pot by another part with a T18 shaft, like this:

Ahh, sorry if I suggested an unsuitable part :hushed: