Ripples (2020) as a vca

Hello everyone,
even if I have a “more than basic” ( :sweat_smile: ) knowledge of subtractive synthesis, I’m totally new to modular… and completely fascinated by MI modules.

In my first eurorack I need to save space so I thought to use Ripples as a VCA+VCF without an external separate VCA…

so my question is: if I send the envelope generator (adsr) cv out to the Ripples level in, can I use Ripples as an amplifier for Plaits (or other VCO) with very long attack and release settings?

Yes, your signal will still go through the low-pass filter, but just keep the filter all the way ‘open’ (low-pass frequency at the highest point) and you can use it just like a VCA. Also keep in mind that Plaits has a ‘Level’ CV input that works similarly to a VCA.

Thank you!
So I put it in my shopping cart and I hit buy!

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You could even get two volume vca’s in the one patch by sending one envelope to Plaits level in and a different envelope to Ripples level in.

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Yes, this patch would allow for example some kind of velocity control. For this purpose, just remember to adjust Plaits’ vactrol response time to a minimum setting, and disable Plaits’ VCF too.


Thank you all for the kind answers, it’s all clear now.
But thinking about the possible patching of the module, I have another question:
If I send a signal into both INs, will the signal be mixed before going into the VCF and VCA? Or are the inputs alternative (one excludes the other)?

Happy New Year

The two inputs are mixed together!

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