Ripples 2012 vs 2015


Ive a pair of Ripples (one that says 2015 on the PCB and one that says 2012 and has a green box with a little brass screw in the back). These are for inverted stereo filter madness :slight_smile:

However, the default VCA settings on the 2015 is open (no input in gain) and the default on the 2012 is closed.

Id like them both to be the same… does anyone know if one can be changed to match the other?

Many thanks


On the 2015 Ripples, you can remove remove R47 - this sends a voltage to the VCA when nothing is plugged in the VCA gain input.

Ah okay, thankyou. So thats a jumper, right?

No, that’s a resistor you need to desolder.


That would be this one, in case you are not familiar with eagle.

thanks guys. So desoldering that single resistor will give it the same behaviour as the 2012 version? Do you know what the green jumper thing with the brass screw is for?

thats the trimmer

@dombles I imagine that’s for fine-tuning filter resonance so it tracks v/oct.


The blue part with a screw adjusts the V/Oct tracking of the filter frequency (very useful if you want to use the module as a sinewave oscillator, with resonance set to the max).

On the 2015 revision, this part is still there, but on the other side of the board.