RIP Ralph Dyck: Godfather of the MC-8

I stumbled onto the news that Ralph Dyck passed away late last month, and I hadn’t seen it mentioned widely online, so posting here. He is widely considered to be the Godfather of the Roland MC-8 sequencer , which in turn led to the MC-4, which in turn led to the …

He’s an unsung hero in my book - as mentioned in the first link above, would be nice to get a good write up in the press to document his life and legacy (perhaps in Sound On Sound - Martin are you reading?).

Yes, very sad news indeed - there’s been a RIP thread running on the SOS Forum for several weeks now

Good idea about the legacy feature - I’ll certainly mention it to the powers that be, although we already ran a feature way back in 1997 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of his Roland MC8 design


Thanks Martin, didn’t know about that SOS thread - I had read Chris Carter’s story when it first came out though… Perhaps since 16 years have elapsed since that came out, they will consider another mention - regardless, thanks for mentioning it to the bosses over there.


Dan, I only realised who you were when you posted on that SOS Forum thread with your email address.

A big hello to you here, and well done on your software Klee and in particular the CycliC sequencer.

Fascinating stuff!


Thanks Martin! Yes, I do like to dabble in many things :slight_smile: