RIP Dr. Bose

Yesterday Dr. Bose, Audio pioneer, engineer and scientist left us.

Like he would have liked, instead of being remembered as a successful businessman, or as founder of a well known brand name, I choose to remember him like an amazing teacher-professor.

I wish him Godspeed and I think the world is a better place (no matter in what small proportion) because of him.

RIP indeed

I always thought Bose was a Japanese corporation…well at least I learned something today.

I think Bose the company is a typical example of a company with innovation initially, but then the marketing people take over and release average products with lots of hype.

It’s almost an injustice to the founder of the company, who was obviously a pioneer.

As is the slogan of Mutable Instruments, for a time, Bose made consumer electronics that were pure magic.

As a 10 year old kid, the concept something that looked like a digital alarm clock filling up a room with rich sound was just that: magic.

Whatever the reputation of the company now (and I have a feeling a lot of the people who trash Bose products on the internet weren’t even alive when that first little Bose radio came out) no one can deny that Dr. Bose will forever have his place in the history of audio engineering.