Rings workout/melodious dub

There’s really only three layers at play here: drums (Drumbrute), bass (0-coast) and melodies (Rings modulated by Maths). Luckily, as you all know, Rings is a beast and fills every vacant space with lush and pretty string delights.

I’m really proud of the result but do tell me what you think. It doesn’t matter whether you love it or hate it, I want to know!


A spastic video to enhance the mellow Ring based dub track;

The tune grows on me :slight_smile: I enjoy the rhythm treatment, the bassy, slightly voice like, fills and the chord progressions, especially in the second half. Hmm, maybe I’ve mentionend all the instruments now? Bonus: I also feel that your band name resonate well with the video :wink:

Thank you so much for listening and commenting!

Fun fact: The tune started as a polymetric drum experiment. The first drum sound got a full beat of sixteen sixteenths, the second sound only got fifteen sixteenths, the third sound got fourteen sixteenths and so on down to the eight sound that got nine sixteenths.

We expected absolute cacophony but, as you can hear, it works. In fact the drums never really loops during the full extent of this track and yet that’s hardly noticeable. I find that interesting, anyway.

Nice job, an interesting listen!

:blush: :blush: :blush: