Rings vs Elements

On the Elements product page it says:


Initial release.

Note: We designed Elements to be a one knob per function, no secret state module. For this reason, we continue programming v1.0 on all newly manufactured modules.

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.in a multimode filter is there somewhere a comb filter?


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Thank you!

I’m wondering how this polyphony can be controlled. For example I would like to V/Oct strum-burst go through microtonal quantizer - then it goes into Rings V/Oct input. Will the microtonal harmony be preserved?

Regarding sympathetic strings - in user guide it’s written: “The tuning ratio between these strings can be altered.”.
Does it mean that symp. strings play intervals in pure ratios (not equally tempered system) and what does it mean that they can be altered?

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Yes, unless the interval between two notes is too small (< 0.4V), in this case Rings won’t detect that the note has changed. If you use small intervals, I’d recommend explicitly sending a signal to the STRUM input to mark note changes.


That you can turn the knob to change these intervals.


If Rings is a resonator taken out of Elements. What module could act as exciter (bow/blow/strike) to complement Rings in creating physical modeling synthesis sound? I love what Elements does in this area but still I’m seduced by flexibility that Rings give.

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I find that you can use almost anything you like with Rings, and more often than not you’ll be surprised by what it does. Look to this thread here for inspiration:


Thank you @Papernoise. Unfortunately: “Oops, we couldn’t find that track.”

Sorry, which track are you talking about?

First and second. But the third plays well.

I would dare to say that Plaits may be what you are looking for. The 3 modes of noise as well as the snare mode may be quite different from Element’s exciters but may work. And it has a build-in vca…
Never got an Element through but had a Plaits for some months and the Noise modes were great into Rings…

During the design of Elements I thought a lot about breaking it into two modules (exciter and resonator), but I did not do it. The reason was that while the resonator would have worked great with other existing modules (see the “Things that sound good through Rings/Elements” thread), the exciter module itself would have been quite useless since the only proper resonator available would have been its counterpart.

Also, Elements implements some coupling between the two (the BOW section of Elements is a combination of a specific excitation signal and a feedback path in the resonator; the BLOW knob acts on both the excitation signal and the level of a secondary resonator that runs in parallel to the modal one).

My favorite choice of exciters for Rings: field recordings from a Radio Music, Ears, Plaits, Clouds with a noisy thing in its buffer.


Thank you @pichenettes. That helped me understand the difference very clear. :slight_smile:

Just to make sure we don’t misunderstand each other here: I haven’t linked to a specific track above, I was linking to a topic, where people share what they think sounds good/interesting/inspiring as an exciter signal with Rings.

Yeah, I thought you’re referring to the very first music clip there. Ok, I understand now that you meant whole topic.
Regarding Rings - I finally bought them with Ears. Besides that I have piezo mic I hope I can connect to funny instruments. I was also wondering if I can put a metal bar on top of Ears mic and try to play on it with a bow. What do you think?


Definitely! Try an electric toothbrush with an old brushead you dont use anymore :wink:
Also manual tootbrushes work great, shaker sounds for days.


Sorry for necrobumping (and maybe more sorry for using that strange word)…

Does the FM synth in Rings differs a lot from the FM synth in Elements?
(I guess in Elements are more “Extra’s” like filtering)

The chords mode in Rings does it use the same sound as in Plaits? Or does it sound the same as the chords in Elements?

Reason for asking is that I’m thinking to sell my Elements to get Rings instead (mostly because HP) But… I’m in love with the sound of the chordsmode in Elements…

Rings’ FM synth only has two operators, with feedback control and envelope.

Elements has 2x 2 operators, and the filter, and the auto panner.

Plaits’ chord mode is wavetables or an emulated divide-down string synth - and it would be more similar to Rings’ string-synth/organ easter egg.

Rings’ chord mode emulates sympathetic strings. It does not do the same thing as Elements’ chord mode, which would be more equivalent to strumming Rings polyphonically.

You’d rather look at it that way… How often do you use Elements with BOW and BLOW to the minimum, and STRIKE, MALLET and TIMBRE at 12 o’clock? If it’s more than 80% of the time, Rings’ internal exciter will be fine. If you find yourself often using the BOW / BLOW sections, or some of the MALLET shapes other than that at 12 o’clock, or modulating the exciter section of Elements, Rings might be disappointing unless you have another module (say a sample player at the very least) to recreate Elements’ exciter section.


Thanks for the explanation!

Omnious is a killer. And don’t want to miss the chords. And last but not least if I would sell my Elements and wanted to be an hounest seller, I should let go of the lovely bag it came with. Impossible!

Recently upgraded from 2x77hp to 2x104hp. Got myself a Plaits, Ripples is on his/her way and (cough) I need more space… (But I suck at rollerskating, so I refuse a bigger or another case)