Rings stuck in alternate mode and now making noise

Rings is stuck in the alternative mode.

When nothing plugged into the v/Oct it just produces noise (sounds like particle noise). The noise is different for the different modes.

Long press on polyphony causes polyphony button to flash, at this point a short press on polyphony and mode button flashes.

I’ve tried calibration (using output Beast’s Chalkboard)
Has this problem seen before?

Which alternative mode are you talking about?

Disastrous Peace, the unit has factory firmware.

Let’s first answer the “stuck in the alternative mode” bit… What happens when you perform the procedure to exit that mode?

Setting knobs and attenuators as required.
Long press on polyphony or mode button results in polyphony and mode button both flashing for 2 to 3 seconds and then stay on.

  1. Without any v/Oct or strum input patched the output from odd and even is noise (wind, particle) who’s character changes with the 3 modes.
  2. With v/Oct patched from Marbles and with strum both patched and unpatched the output is normal disasterous peace output (chords and effects)
  3. Without v/Oct patched there is noise (wind, particle). This responds to Frequency knob.

Tried disasterous peace entry/exit process several times and I can now switch between disasterous peace and normal operation.
However, in both operating modes if nothing patched to v/Oct then the output is characterised by noise.

Yes, yes I got it! But one problem at a time please! Let’s focus on the easter egg issue first, we’ll deal with the other problem later.

Can you send a video to support@mutable-instruments.net where you perform the procedure to exit the easter egg? I’ll try to find what you do wrong.

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I’ve failed reproduce the ‘stuck in disasterous peace mode’ error I reported. I can only put it down to user error - I was forgetting settings to get out of mode once in.
I have checked many times and can switch between standard and disastrous peace mode’ consistently.

The error is to do with noise output when nothing patched to v/Oct input. I will send video.