Rings strummed guitar

I’m new to Rings (actually waiting on one to arrive) and want to ask about a patch idea I have. I’ve heard Rings do semi-convincing bass guitar sounds, so I’m curious if it can do strummed guitar chords in quadriphonic mode. Maybe a sequence of triggers into the strum input, and pitch CVs into the 1V/oct input. It might be easiest to use something like silent way or CV tools to achieve this. Not sure what, if anything, should go into the audio input to this end. Has anyone tried it?


It should work as you intend it to work :slight_smile: You don’t need anything in the IN input for these kind of sounds, the internal exciter does the job.

There might be Eurorack sequencers allowing you to easily program groups of notes played rapidly in sequence, but Silent way or a DAW + MIDI interface will certainly work!


NLC’s Sly Grogan would be fun for strummed triggers.

New to this, but a nice way I found to get strummed guitar sounds is to use the burst app of the hemisphere suite: https://github.com/Chysn/O_C-HemisphereSuite/wiki/Burst

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