Rings Sound Evolving?

Hi folks,
I’m a happy owner of a Rings, glad I’ve finally get it.
But I do have a question about his behaviour. While I’m trying to understand it, I’m wondering if it’s normal to hear the sound coming from Rings slowly evolving during the time when you sequence it (like a slow LFO for example).

Perhaps due to the fact that the sounds overlap to each other or something like that ?

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

Can you post an audio example?

Are you referring to something that’s happening in monophonic or polyphonic mode? Modal or string synthesis?

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Here is an audio fine where you can liste to the sound having a different sound during the time : https://www.dropbox.com/s/bcz3ox86xe60ncw/Rings%20Test%20Audio%201.wav?dl=0

Or here : https://www.dropbox.com/s/ddvi2tvqcgfiyvp/Rings%20Test%20Audio%203.wav?dl=0

The set up is : Monophonic & Modal Resonator.

Thank you very much for the help

Hi Pichenettes,
I couldn’t sleep so I’ve kept trying the module.
I also did read the manual again & again. Correct me if I’m wrong but when I read

When we pluck a string, strike a drum or blow in a tube, the short burst of energy of the blow/impact contains many frequencies. Some of these fall outside of the modes, and are absorbed. Some of these excite the modes, producing a stable, pitched sound. Each mode corresponds to a harmonic or partial in the spectrum of the sound, and is modelled by a band-pass filter

That means this can create a sound evolving during the time depending how you excite the module, right ?

I do hope too the audio file I’ve sent in here are normal then. I really love the module :slight_smile:

Big thank you for your time !

When you hit a drum or pluck a string, it’s not going to sound the same if it’s at rest or if it was already producing another sound. And if it’s already producing a sound, there will be a difference (think of pushing a swing: it won’t have the same effect depending on whether the swing is at rest, or swinging back to you, or swinging away from you). That’s what happens in your sequence: the sound is different simply because the configuration of the virtual membrane/string is slightly different each time you strike it. If you let it decay to complete silence, and strike it again, you’d get a reproducible sound each time.


Thank you very much for your answer !
I took too much time before getting MI modules, such a great sound !
Have a nice day

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I too remember when I first got rings. Happy memories :slight_smile:

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No voice module features in more of my patches than Rings. I need to figure out how to get another one! :wink:

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