RINGS - Problem with "audio in"

I’m new in mutable instruments’ world and in the world of modular too.
I just received a MI RINGS, it’s a second hand, and when i plug an audio signal in the audio in, turning the knobs (except for “position” knob) have no effect on the sound at all.
It works OK with strum and V/O.
I think there is a problem with my module.
Is there someone who had the same problem ? No possibility to update or reset to factory settings ?
Thanks for your help.

Pretty sure your module is in the Organ/string synth easter egg.

In this mode, the module does not act as a physical modelling/resonator at all! The IN audio input is just processed through the FX.

Set the knobs to this position:

And hold the first button for a couple of seconds.

Thanks x1000 !
It works perfectly well now (at least, as i expected).
Merci beaucoup !

sweet! That also solved it for me :grinning:
Thank you @pichenettes