Rings Panel, Cheeky?

I have to say this looks really nice, but…

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But what? The pricing?

It’s basically the original MI panel Hannes designed, but in black-and-gold. One of stipulations of the open-source license of the MI modules is that the original panel designs should not be used, or at least not used commercially.

Its licensed as cc-by-sa-3.0, that means commerical use is totally okay. Magpie make panels based off the original designs commerically as well.

But they should share their work, because it’s cc-by->sa<-3.0. They didn’t do that, afaik.

While the top diver is indeed the same, the decorations around the knobs look different, I think they were done from scratch, albeit in a similar style.
And yeah, since it’s CC they can do that. but the sharing part is indeed required if it’s SA.

Magpie panels are visually quite different from Hannes original designs. The one above, much less so.

I’m torn on this myself, as I Really like the matte-black-and-gold look, and love your original designs, @Papernoise, so would love to have a set of MI panels like that, but with the original graphics, logo etc.

Maybe it’s a bit different selling the panels on their own, and selling non-MI-originated modules with the panels already attached. It’s a bit close to fakery, and is, I think something @pichenettes was keen to head off (for obvious reasons).

Well I guess enabling people to sell DIY build was not really why the modules where open sourced. I don’t think it’s so much because of it being fakery, but because it introduces a series of issues, like people running to Mutable Instruments to have their non-working clones repaired.

Do you mean like Ears? Yeah that would be lovely. Big fan of that aesthetic as well. Many mutable designs don’t translate very well onto a gold/white aesthetic, many of the more complex modules rely on colour coding (LED and printed labels need to somehow match) and – while you can of course just learn stuff by hard – selling a panel that is not 100% equal in usability with the aluminium ones does not seem like well done job.

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Also there’s another – albeit perhaps minor issue – the idea with the decorations on the panels has always been to keep them very subtle. More like a texture of the metal. The idea is that they should stay as much as possible in the background, as not to get to get in the way with the functional graphics on the modules and not becoming tiring on the long run. That’s why these decorations are being printed in a pretty light grey tone.
Looking back at some of the Shruthi-Ambika enclosures I’ve worked on, I’d redo them and make the paisley/decorations much more subtle.
Anyway… that would also not work very well with black PCB panels, where you’re pretty limited with colours, if you don’t want to get into the major hassle of having them silkscreened in a separate place/process.


the idea with the decorations on the panels has always been to keep them very subtle

I love this motivation! It adds to the feeling of depth and thought put into the designs cause they’re so intricate but subtle. The sum of all the paterns on Mutable modules together adds a lot of character to anyone’s rack, I feel like if the panels obnoxiously stood out more then the delicacy of their beauty would be impacted and they might look more out of place than they do now in a rack.

That being said the black/gold colour scheme looks great, and so does Ears, but I don’t think it’d be appropriate for the current Mutable line of modules, maybe if there was a new/different line of modules by Mutable put out in that colour scheme…

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