Rings odd output lower volume

I recently bought a secondhand Rings and I noticed that when patching both outputs, the even output (right) has a slightly lower output volume than the odd output (left). I there something I could do to fix this? I guess attenuating the odd output somewhat is always an option but I prefer to patch Rings directly into Clouds :wink:

Three observations:

  1. What is the polyphony setting of the module? In monophonic mode, it’s normal to get a lower volume on the even output, since the even harmonics will have a lower amplitude than the odd ones (1/f^n spectrum).

  2. Don’t forget that when Even is unpatched, the Odd output will contain the sum of both outputs. Ie, you can’t just patch a cable into odd (= odd + even), and compare the amplitude to that signal to patching a cable into even (= only even).

  3. These outputs are not labelled L and R for a good reason :smiley: They are there for creative post-processing of the different components of the sound. Hard-panning one left, and the other right might not be the best thing to do.

Thank you for your answer:

  1. The module is set to 4 voice polyphony.

  2. Both outputs are patched and panned hard left & right. I compare the volume of the left speaker to the volume of the right speaker. The right speaker (EVEN) seems lower in volume.

  3. You’re completely right. Hard panning is definitely not the best thing to do. I’ll only use the ODD output for now and try and come up with some creative ideas for post-processing the EVEN output.