Rings not responding to V/Oct

I am not sure why but my Rings is not responding (ie generating sound/notes) with changes in v/oct as the only input as it used to. It will generate sound with external input and respond to v/oct pitch changes input in combination with external input but I get no sound out with just v/oct input or v/oct & trigger/strum.
Thanks in advance for any advice.

It looks like the module doesn’t detect that the IN input is left unpatched. This is a hardware problem with the input circuitry. Please send a message on the contact form on the Mutable Instruments site to return the module for repair!

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Thank you Émilie, that’s a shame, I was hoping it might be solved by re-installing the firmware or something similar. As it is, it is not a Mutable Instruments problem as it is a clone ‘n’ version of Rings bought new from another manufacturer, I just knew that if there were answers to be had or users with similar experiences (& hopefully a quick fix) it would be here!
Happily, I still have my OG Rings which works perfectly! The micro one causing the issues was for a palette. Thank you again.