Rings -no lights or sounds, power

Just bought a brand new rings to go alongside plaits, stages, veils, tides, marbles and ripples.
I’ve just plugged it in my case and it seems dead on arrival.
I appreciate this is just one of those things, but just wanted to check there was nothing obvious to try before sending it back.
I’ve tried in various free sockets in my case (arturia 6u) and with the cable from plaits etc but i guess something should come on, but no joy.
It is just sending it back to the supplier?

Sorry to hear about that. It’s probably yet another case of module put into its box without being programmed/tested. Can you contact me directly so that I can arrange for a pickup?

Yes - of course.

Im happy to go back via Juno.co.uk but what ever you prefer?
Whats the best way to contact you directly? thanks

Contact form on the Mutable Instruments website.

Just wanted to make sure you got my reply email saying thanks.

Just in case . Thanks very very much for sorting this with a very speedy turn around.

Enjoying Rings loads now! Along with the rest of my mi kit.