Rings - morphing from external to internal resonator

I’m an very much enjoying resonating Rings with various Plaits patches. I am also fond of the sounds available with the internal exciter. I’ve been trying to determine a way in which I can morph from an external exciter to the internal, yet haven’t put my finger on it. I attempted taking the external signal into a VCA, and pulling it out of the signal chain by lowering the level of the VCA, yet irregardless of this, when the ‘In’ of Rings if patched, this appears to circumvent the internal exciter from acting upon the resonator - Rings is expecting an external exciter, so the internal (even if there) has no effect.

Any ideas?

There is no way of doing that with the module, the internal exciter being active only when nothing is patched physically into the IN input.

But the internal exciter is nothing fancy: a short burst of noise (noise source into a VCA controlled by an envelope), or just a click (envelope). Maybe you’ll have more success synthesizing this signal and cross-fading it externally with your other excitation sources.


The most obvious of solutions, and it evaded me.

Many thanks.